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Due to the coronavirus outbreak and until further notice, these additional conditions will apply from the 8th July 2020. I take mine and my family's as well as others' health very seriously therefore if you have recently been

1.        to the beach or arrived from abroad

2.       mingling with a crowd i.e. protest, youth/social gatherings of more than 6 people

3.       ill or have been in contact with someone who has - had a continuous cough, high temperature, breathlessness, loss of taste and smell. Also, any appearance of a rash especially on the feet.

in the last 2 weeks, please refrain from booking lessons as you will be asked politely to self-isolate and not attend your lesson for 7 days. I trust you will be honest and think of everyone’s well-being!


In addition to the above 

·        you must wear a face covering/mask for your lesson - if you don't bring one your instructor will offer you one at cost. Ensure it fits well, snugly covering your nose and avoid touching it at all times

·        temperature checks and hand sanitiser are a must before entering the vehicle.

·        I trust your judgement to be aware of your own heath condition and I understand if you fall ill with Covid symptoms, your lesson will be cancelled and you’ll need to self-isolate for 14 days

  Full T & C below

Stay Alert. Don't spread the virus. Protect yourself and others. Keep safe.

Here's How Your Driving Lessons Will


This is how a typical


on the day of your driving lesson

your instructor will call or text you, asking if you or anyone in your household has any symptoms of COVID-19 within the last seven days – or have been in contact with someone who has within the last 14 days.

If you have, your lesson will be cancelled. Remember, even if you feel fine, you could be one of the many people who don’t show any symptoms, and by continuing with a lesson, you could endanger your instructor’s life.


what to do before your driving lesson

if you’re given the all-clear for the lesson to go ahead, your instructor will advise you to do the following:

Wear clothing that covers as much of your body as possible, including your arms and legs. You should also wrap up warm during cold spells as the windows will most likely be open during the lesson to improve ventilation.

Wash your hands for at least 20 seconds immediately before leaving your home for your lesson.

• Wear disposable gloves if you wish to – but only put them on just before getting into the car.

• Meet the instructor by the car itself, and not by your front door. Temperature checks will be made with a Digital IR non-touch on the forehead to ensure safety.

Expect your instructor to chat about the lesson goals with you before you’re allowed to get in the car; this is an opportunity for them to check that you are not displaying any symptoms, at the beginning of each and every lesson, some info about what you want to achieve on the day can be asked by text or email on previous communications. If your instructor is not 100% happy, they will cancel your lesson on the spot. Please don’t take it personally – they are just trying to keep everyone safe.

• If you are a new client, you will be asked to hold up your provisional driving licence so your instructor can check it there and then and will keep a photo record for insurance purposes only.



Your instructor is responsible to ensure key surfaces inside and outside of the car have been cleaned and sanitised. These include:

·        internal and external door handles

·        windows and mirror controls

·        seat and head restraints

·        seatbelt and its connection

·        gear lever and parking brake

·        steering wheel and indicator stalks

·        car key and training materials

Your instructor will have alcohol-based hand gel ready and will ask you to sanitise your hands before you enter the vehicle and at any time they see necessary.

Also, should your temperature show more than the normal levels, a reading of 37.8 is too high, we shall wait to see if it goes down ie: out of the sun until second reading taken and with a reading of 38 your lesson will not go ahead. 

Be Like While Coronavirus is Around


lesson will be like:


what to do during your driving lesson

To reduce risk during the lesson, your instructor will:

• Hold up any visual aids or training resources, instead of passing them between the two of you.

• Avoiding that neither of you face each other directly when talking about scenarios; remaining face forward is the safest option when a 1-metre gap between two people cannot be maintained.

• Make sure no devices are shared such as pens with the instructor giving any brief notes digitally via text or email where possible.

• Wipe down the car’s controls if and when the instructor has completed giving you a demonstration drive.

• Ask you to make any payments electronically and not in cash, where possible.


what to do after your driving lesson

As you depart, remember not to shake hands and once you’re back home, do wash your hands as soon as possible. You may also wish to wash the clothes you wore during your lesson immediately.


Covid-19 symptoms

If you have the following symptom only:

·        a new constant continuous cough

·        a high temperature over 38° degrees

·        loss or change of taste and smell

·        any kind of rash on body especially feet

As you understand it takes time and energy to book and organise lessons in diary, also more importantly due to high demand other people are also wanting/requesting to have lessons and therefore a cancelled lesson slot with less than 48 hours’ notice means they will miss out on a lesson they could have had too.

So please be considerate and don’t leave it to the last hour to give notice to cancel just because you feel like not having your lesson or use this as an excuse

IMPORTANT: should a pupil cancel lessons more than once on the excuse they are unwell, the instructor reserves the right to withhold monies paid, charge the lesson cancelled and refuse to give lessons in the near future – other pupils may loose out on a slot they could have had and it is time consuming reorganising bookings in the diary.


If you are not happy with any of the above your lesson will not go ahead but you will still be charged (except if you look unwell or/and are showing symptoms).


Wearing face covering/mask is compulsory before and through the duration of your lesson, if you don't bring one your instructor will offer you one at a cost.


Your instructor is advised to wear FFP2 or N95 grade masks.

For a list of available items to purchase and PPE suppliers visit SDS List

DVSA driving tests backlog


The Driver & Vehicle Standards Agency has published a

briefing pack highlighting the resumption of theory and practical driving tests with strict safety measure in place.

Read it in full here Briefing Pack – ADI sector





Driving test day 

·        Test waiting rooms to remain closed, therefore meet and greet will be in the car park. Your instructor or accompanying driver will be unable to seat in car/observe test.

·        Examiners and candidates are required to wear a face covering/mask throughout the test. Candidates must bring their own and take it with them, it must not to be left on site.

·        The examiner will choose to fit a disposable seat cover and will use anti-viral wipes to clean their seat touch points




Test & trace on lessons & tests

In line with PHE and HSE guidance, the relevant NHS service can contact the pupil, instructor or examiner and ask them to self-isolate at home. All lessons and tests will be cancelled even at short notice.

Please also inform your instructor in the event you have taken a test for Covid-19 or are asked to take one.

Privacy notice:



·        The test won't go ahead if the candidate shows clear symptoms or becomes unwell and starts to cough continuously during the test, it will be stopped. 

·        As soon as a candidate commits a serious or dangerous fault or adds up 16 faults automatically results in a fail they will be directed to the centre and offered a debrief. 

·        In line with PHE and HSE guidance the DVSA will share your details with the relevant NHS service for Coronavirus tracing and if necessary if told to do so you must self-isolate at home to help stop the virus



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Sandi's Driving School Terms and Condition – pre & post Covid-19

The New Pupil PassRight app available to download on iTunes - ask your instructor for log in details

1. You must be of legal age to drive and produce a valid UK/Northern Ireland provisional Category B driving licence. In Great Britain, both the photocard (or old style paper licence) and a permission code to verify the licence online must be produced, acquire the code here or call 0300 083 0013. If an older style paper licence is held, then you must also produce a valid passport as photographic identification. View or share your driving licence information.

Your instructor will take a photo of your licence and will be kept for insurance purposes only.

For motorway, Pass Plus or refresher lessons a full valid licence and permission code must be produced, with identification if necessary, as above to the exception of a learner driver who wants to have motorway practice before they pass their driving test. These lessons prices are higher than normal learner lessons.

2. You must meet the minimum eye test requirements, which means you must be able to read a standard UK approved number plate at a minimum distance of 20.5 metres (67 feet). If you need to wear glasses or contact lenses in order to meet this requirement then you must wear them whenever you drive.

3. You must notify your instructor of any change of your ability or entitlement to have driving tuition, for example if your provisional licence has been revoked or for medical reasons such as epilepsy. It's also your responsibility for informing the DVSA if you change your address or any changes in your health.

4. If you wish to cancel a lesson, a minimum of 48 hours’ notice must be given (not including weekends). Failure to give 48 hours’ notice will result in the lesson(s) having to be paid for. Lessons can be cancelled by telephone, text message or email but must be acknowledged by your instructor. No excuses accepted!

5. If your instructor turns up on time at the pre-arranged pick up point and you do not show up at the agreed time your instructor will wait 10 minutes if there is no contact made between you. After 10 minutes they will leave and you will have to pay for the lesson. Equally, if a text or call is received at short notice the above charges also apply.

6. Your instructor will endeavour to arrive on time however, due to unforeseen circumstances such as breakdown, accidents, traffic hold ups, adverse weather conditions i.e.: snow, ice, heavy frost, dense fog, floods etc. lesson times may need to change or even cancelled. If cancelled by your instructor, no fee will be charged.

7. Lessons must be paid for in advance and/or at the time of the lesson by cash or bank transfer. Please be advised that cheques must be made payable to Sandi Myles. Discounts on block bookings of 10 hours are subject to the condition that the full amount is paid in advance and all 10 hours taken. Should a refund be asked for, price reverts back to the normal hourly rate and only the amount left is refunded.
You can book your Driving instructor and the use of your training vehicle for your practical driving test at the cost of a fixed fee of £75 (different fees apply to some driving test centres, see website) which includes 1 hour before test to drive to the test centre, the duration of the test and the journey back, your instructor shall drive on the way back whether you pass or fail. You'll have to pay this fee before the day of your test (this fee is on top of the DVSA test fee that you have paid when you book your test online).
In the event, while in a lesson or on your driving test, you cause damage to your learning vehicle after your instructor/examiner instructs/advises/WARNS you i.e.: you are getting too close to parked cars where the wing mirrors can clip or scrape the other cars, kerb, hedges etc, an incident report needs to be filed and you will be liable as the responsible driver to pay £50 for each incident (as required by the AA insurance company).

8. You must not be under the influence of drugs/alcohol during the training. In the event of there being any signs of drugs/alcohol misuse, your instructor will withhold the use of the training vehicle for use of tuition or driving test until you are in a legal and fit state to drive. Any prescribed medication that may affect your driving should be declared to the instructor and to the DVLA medical board.

9. Should you fail to reach a satisfactory standard of driving and are likely to be a danger to other road users, or are in an unfit condition through substance or alcohol abuse as described above, the ADI has a responsibility to the DVSA examiners not to allow the use of the training vehicle for the purpose of the driving test. This is in the interest of the pupil, the examiner and other road users and is a precautionary safety measure. Driver & Vehicle Standards Agency guidelines do not allow for a pupil to take a practical test just for the experience.

Have lots of practice in as many road conditions and traffic scenarios and gain sufficient experience to be ready and pass.
No responsibility can be taken for tests cancelled by the DVSA for whatever reason. Lessons will have to be paid for but can be claimed back from the DVSA. Your instructor cannot be responsible if you fail because you cannot read a number plate on the eyesight test likewise if you notified your instructor of a certain time/place for your test and it turns out to be different and cannot arrive on time, you will forfeit the fee of the test and you will need to pay for your instructor's time. Your instructor will be responsible if the test is cancelled due to the condition of the tuition vehicle or got the time wrong and will pay for your next test. As we present ourselves in the test centre and should the DVSA examiners cancel your test due to adverse weather conditions or that they may be short of examiners, then you must request a refund from the DVSA at the following address: DVSA PO BOX 349, Newcastle-upon-Tyne, NE12 2GN. You will receive an email for a new test day from the DVSA.

10. By agreeing to these Terms and Conditions, you give permission for your personal data to be held securely in the computer systems of your instructor, driving school (if different) and (the software providers) Instructor Software Limited, for the purposes of delivering training services to you and mandatory record keeping. Under no circumstances will your personal data be sold, transferred to or shared with any third parties without your specific consent. Data securely held may include your name, birthdate, address and contact details, licence number, along with details of lessons, payments, progress and reflective log comments. All data held about you is available to be viewed via your instructor’s iPad/PassRight App. When you pass your driving test, your instructor takes a photo of your success and will ask permission to use it on their website, please let them know if you are not happy to have it published.

FYI: there is an in-car dash cam recording through the lesson and only used as evidence in case of accidents and insurance liabilities. Occasionally, your instructor may ask your permission to use video capture for teaching driving techniques and special subjects. 


Coronavirus Additional T & C as outlined throughout this page

11. You must inform your instructor if you are ill or have been in contact with someone who has been - had a continuous cough, high temperature, breathlessness, or loss of taste and smell. Also, any appearance of a rash especially on the feet.

You must bring a face covering/mask to wear throughout your lesson, allow temperature checks and sanitise your hands before the start of your lesson and entering the car. You must use a face covering/mask when attending on the day of your driving test too.

12. If you fail to inform your driving instructor of Covid symptoms you may have been having or have been close to anyone who has been sick, as you come to the lesson you are clearly showing symptoms your lesson will be cancelled on the spot. Should you cancel lessons more than once on the excuse you are unwell, your instructor reserves the right to withhold monies paid, charge the lesson cancelled and refuse to give lessons in the near future.

13. On the day of your test, should the examiner refuse to conduct your test or indeed stop in mid test due to you showing symptoms or because you refuse to wear a mask, your instructor has no responsibility/liability and you will forfeit your test fee and driving lesson to and from the test centre. Equally, should your examiner be absent and your test cannot go ahead you still have to pay for your instructor’s time.

14. Lastly…All lessons still need to be paid at least 48 hours in advance preferably via bank transfer in order to hold your slot in the diary. Only bring cash if you absolutely cannot pay online, bring the correct amount in a clean clear plastic bag as no change or receipt will be given in the car. All this to minimise risk of infection.


If you are not happy with any of the above your lesson will not go ahead but you may still be charged.

Sandi's Driving School is committed to uphold the guidelines put forward by the government and endeavour to maintain a safe environment for all.

Currently restrictions are easing but there is the potential of infection rate rising and localised lockdown put in place.


Therefore, do your best to keep safe and healthy for yourself, your family and friends, especially those more vulnerable: your parents, grandparents and those clinically at moderate to high risk.


Keep Alert – Don’t spread the virus – Protect yourself and others – Keep Safe


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